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Luxury has never been so far away from the idea of economic status. In a world where everyone seems to have its own customized range of  products, where unicity is a common must and lifestyles can be poor but have to be outstanding, where is the deep value of luxury  hidden? Moreover, how to guarantee luxury worth, how to communicate it, how to make it a reliable opportunity for the creative industries involved and their stiff targets?

If we think about luxury in terms of keywords, we can easily distinguish some that are still linked to past times: exclusivity, precision, unessential, opulence, investment; and some that seem evergreen: extraordinary, preciousness, legacy, expertise. But the most interesting ones are quite new: pleasure, ethics, authenticity, passion. The new sophistication is underlined by a twin value set, made of memory& innovation, nostalgia &technicality, understatement & eccentricity.
The idea is to be where nobody is, inverting stereotypes and delivering first of all an amazing point of view.

So, we can sum up in 5 key take outs the main rules for brands leading future luxury evolution:
1. Forget influencers, and follow your own brand taste; do not share it
2. Privilege the inner status instead of outer symbols, and feed it
3. Lock your customers privacy and escape from big data
4. Free your target from guiltiness, and invest in planet survival
5. Provide a personal assistance: not customization only, but the right to do their own way, without any permit (or effort).

If you want to learn more, and support your brand in the effort to achieve a luxury positioning aligned with trends, please take five minutes to have a look to baba tools for market research & luxury scenarios.

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