It could be a bad strike for the world of medicine.

The upcoming non-renewal of the funds for EBRI seems to be a demonstration of a blind government, more occupied in facing single problems than trying to have a look on the whole sources potentialities.

Let’s make a step back. We are complaining about the new law proposal of the Italian Government, which have apparently no interest in ensuring – for the very first time – the funds to EBRI, the European Brain Research Institute founded years ago by Rita Levi Montalcini, world-renowned Nobel Prize for Medicine and great personality. So the Institute, an excellence in its field, is at closure risk.

We are trying to imagine what kind of society is the one that doesn’t invest in research, putting aside the future of medicine and avoiding to care about all those citizens (its citizens!) who really need to see a glimpse of hope. Is a good society the one that disregards of all those brilliant people (experts, students, analysts) trying to improve human existence? Is a balanced society the one that claims to concentrate its efforts in guarantee job places without seeing that is going to make so many excellent brains unemployed?

Research is hope.

Hope, and the basis of an efficient and avant-guard society.

The baba team joins the appeal for a review of the law proposal, so to always guarantee the funds for a brighter future. Without research there will be no knowledge; without knowledge, there will be no progress.

We believe in research, in knowledge, in progress.

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