QUESTION #3 Why do not try to build a future empowered by human intelligence?


QUESTION #3 Why do not try to build a future empowered by human intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be seen as a limit to personal freedom, a huge risk for our privacy and a menace for human thinking. We would like to suggest to have a more balanced approach, out of any positive/negative ideology: let’s think about its boosting power when it collaborates with human intelligence…

Think about smart-cams like Head-Counter, for example, that allow to detect strange gatherings in difficult areas, help to analyze the air’s quality, understand the profile of people passing by a certain spot, detect the exact position of the tube’s wagons and reduce of the 15% the drivers’ travel time, by managing differently the traffic lights, making life in big cities less stressing and easier. Or consider Fashion Flair, a Huawei app able to create outfits on the basis of the user’s preferences, shows the importance of human intelligence in “coaching” AI. Anna Yang, fashion director of brand Annakiki, after training the app through 30000 pictures from previous collections, was supported to develop further looks for her last fashion show.

When human intelligence is used to collaborate with artificial intelligence, finding new creative ways that can be useful to society and going beyond the #DARK! risks it may implies, it becomes a great source of empowerment.

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