The Earth is round-shaped.

Discussions about the Earth’s shape have been overcome since the 14th Century, when the Copernican revolution changed the common view about the movements of our planet and the sun. What surprises – or perhaps is better to say that leaves speechless – is that nowadays, in the technological and evolved 21st century, the Ptolemaic system is increasing its importance again, looking for a comeback within a (never too little) part of the global population.

Researches found that around one third (and it’s really an alarming amount) of young US Millennials it’s confused about the shape of the Earth. Or, to say it differently, the adults of tomorrow, who thanks to the web can benefit of all the knowledge of the world, could actually believe that this planet – the planet in which we live and that scientifically rotate on an axis – is flat, that Australia doesn’t exist, that the Sun rotates around us and (this is the last absurd theory) that when we take a plane we can return to the take-off  point because the Earth’s edge works like the vintage Pac-Man videogame.

We are experiencing a time in which the technological and scientific progress walks together with Medieval beliefs, and it’s a point on which everyone should stop and consider.

The world is breaking.. There is the necessity of education, of knowledge, of freedom from prejudices and mental closure.  Look as well to delicate issues as the fights against the abortion right, or the racist behaviors on public transports.

In baba we still hope and believe for a better tomorrow, but we are aware that positive changes are not going to come by themselves.

So the question is: what is the future we want?


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