#TheNowAge/Radicalism Contractless Smartphones?


#TheNowAge/Radicalism Contractless Smartphones?


the RADICALISM trend (see our #THENOWAGE 2018-18 Forecast) is quickly picking up internationally with one Chinese company, One Plus, breaking the norms of the smartphone and offering the ability to purchase. Contracted cellphones are a trend that we are closely observing at Baba Traditionally, cell phones are linked to that is associated with their carrier.


For example, if someone were to buy at Cell Phone through Vodafone, they would be able to buy the phone,. These are where they are contracted, as they are, they offer the right to change their cellphone or telephone number easily. They are able to put any SIM cards they desire into the phone and all of the pay-to-pay phones to pay their numbers at the end of every month, once they are all paid off, they can change their number / carrier with great ease.


The trend in this article showcases Baba’s 2018-2019 prediction for Radicalism, a trend center on breaking the mold and exploring new territories. They are looking forward to expanding their horizons and wishing to get ahead of their competition by offering the new opportunities that they have never explored before. One is a stride into a territory that could be a traditional way of selling their products.

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