MATERIAL ENGAGEMENT _ May 11th, 5pm_ Webinar

Schermata 2023-04-24 alle 15.10.24

MATERIAL ENGAGEMENT _ May 11th, 5pm_ Webinar

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Materials are our interface with the world. They are the substance of the expression with whichbrands connect to their recipients, and consequently translate their contents: whether it is through the vehicle of a pack, the texture of a dress, the consistency of a food, the fragrance of a perfume or the brightness of a car body. We see several times during the Milan Design Week 2023 that materials are now reversing their properties, their priorities, their function. They become mutants. Until they morph, paradoxically, immaterial, as clearly configured by the proposal of the NFT items. In this webinar, baba proposes a reflection, as always operational, and a discussion, aboutthe new nature of “material engagement” and its consequences on the market.

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