Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/18: Inversion

Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/2018

Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/18: Inversion


TREND MONITOR®  is baba’s yearly observatory dedicated to catch the emerging international trends for product/brand and communication concepts.

The key concept of Forecast 2017/2018 is: INVERSION.

The presentation of Trend Monitor Forecast 2017/2018 will take place on February 9th – 5 pm at Fondazione Stelline
Corso Magenta 61, Milan. Don’t miss the chance, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Giulia Ceriani, president of baba, and Vieri Emiliani, product innovation director at roialty, will introduce the upcoming international trends across 12 countries (Italy, Germany, France, Spain, UK, US, Japan, Emirates, Australia, China, India, Brazil) and the turning points for 9 business industries: food, beverage, mobility, body, fashion, retail, hi-tech, media, home.


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