Isn’t the bathroom your perfect in-box for drafting the future’s most urging strategies? So, come with us to surf on the very new trends of bath living and trace the drivers for next actionables: Giulia Ceriani  will be at Cersaie 2018 with Trend Monitor® scenarios!

The appointment is settled on Thursday the 27 th at 3pm at # caffedellastampa . Here is a glimpse of the four main evolutionary directions:

INERTIA : relaxing and lines, the bathroom is the place where there is no rushing time, the whole life stops. It’s just you and everlasting moments of relaxation.

IMPULSE : here and now the only rule, all senses must be included in the absolute enjoyment of the instant and present moment. A wow inspiration.

INFINITY : no stillness in your continuous present, but the always new discovering of enjoyment, a fresh awaken for all the senses. You will not leave it anymore.

INCIDENCE : impressive appearances to keep your mind always excited. A complete break of rules and laws.


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