The hologram: a mutation paradigm?

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The hologram: a mutation paradigm?

Giulia Ceriani –baba ceo- is going to give a lecture about Holograms in Bilbao, at the  XVIII International Congress of the Asociación Española de Semiótica: “The Other, the Same. Figures and Discourses of Alterity” is the congress’ subject (LINK).

The holograms represent the next frontier of the interaction between real and virtual environments. Much more than a mere digital interface, they show the possibility of presence effects that put into discussion the modalities of the discourse construction, their perception, their effects of truth. At the moment still experimental exercices (Marina Abramovic on one side and Mélenchon at French presidential elections on another side…among many others), the holograms are going to be the symbolic node of a society in mutation, where a fluid way of existence is the main issue.

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