FORECAST 2021-22 “The#MorphAge”


FORECAST 2021-22 “The#MorphAge”

On FEB 16 th we have  done the presentation of 2021-22 main international trends map! .We have been  your host on a challenging travel  behind the  upcoming signals, to make you accelerate your strategic initiatives. Or to slow them, following the opportunities. If you wish to watch a video recap of the presentation, and to see the trend’s movie,  please have a look to our youtube channel
20 years along (2021 is our anniversary, do you remember? check our schedule for celebration’activities) we have been supporting communication and marketing actions: merging trends and insights, semiotic analysis and data.
We cannot give up delivering bespoke and highly actionable reports and/or consulting.
Many  international brands, such as Nespresso, Pandora, PMI, Luxottica, Ferrero, among others, have trusted our work.

Don’t miss to contact us ( to catch the opportunity to share a deep analysis on the morphing society, and experience an unique approach to market research.

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